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The Song Of The Emergent Nationalist

Over there across the river
Coming in over the sea
Flying in the salt sky
Washed up on the beach
Over across on the sand dunes
Up among the broken reeds
Up there past the rushes
In among the marshy reeds
Way up in the branches
Higher up than the trees
If you listen hard you can hear them
Blowing in on the breeze

Saying come back
Baby come back

There's a place you can go when you're empty
The older you are and you get
If you concentrate you will catch them
But sometimes you have to forget
And as the years make the hearing harder
There's a secret place that I know
Take my hand cross this blasted land
We can listen to them sigh and moan

Whisper come back

Where is your culture
It's been stolen
Where are your ideals
They've been stolen
Where is your language
Where are your traditions
Where is your future
It's been stolen
Who are you now
We don't know
We're nothing now we are gone
But a whispered secret voice said
No we have only withdrawn
We are shadows of what we were
But we're a long, long shadow
And in that shadow is our shape
And in that shape is our name
And where we hide it is dark
But in the dark it is warm
Were are born in this dark and we're safe

When it's time
We'll come again

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