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Go Man Go

These are danger days
What sort of day is this?
These are troubled times
D'ya know what time it is?
There it goes again
Another gear being slipped
I must be near the sea
A single cod n' chips
A cup of tea for three
An' 6 including v.a.t.
Around the rugged rocks
A round trip there and back
The helter-skelter's free
(Don't tell mad Charlie that)
I'd send a bloody card
But he'd want a bloody snap.

I'd stay at home today
But the world said
Go man go
Everybody said
Go man go
The local postman said
Go man go
Do-do, oy, oy vey.

I feel so down, so low, too tired to think
I feel so low, oh no, well what do you think?
My feet slow down, ah so well, I can't lift my head
A fevered brow, ho no, think I'll stay here in bed
Thunder over Tokyo
Pressure on my eyes
Hi-fi on their heads
While they tidy the tides
Dear Aunti Fifi
You should see this place
They'd grow a cushion on your back,
An' a flu mask on your face
I'd stay at home today
but the world said
Go man go
In Japanese they said
Hayacho cho wazza woko
I heard someone say
Go man go
And we went
Do do oy oy vey.

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