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A Hole To Fill

Everybody's got a hole to fill
It doesn't matter if your name is Jack or Jill
Everybody's got a hole that they need filled

You wake up
Time stops
Pretty soon the penny's gong to drop
There's a daytime
And there's a night sky
And you think there's something wrong
But you don't know why
Still you wake up
Dry your eyes
You feel the strength to carry on a while
And if there's one world and there's one voice
You should hear them singing above the noise

I left the pub last night
And I was just in time
To see them break my windows
And slash my tyres
I'm a liberal I thought
As I felt my anger rise
I was desperately searching
For my feminine side
But my feminine side
Was on the morning coffee break
I beat the shit out of one
And boy, I felt great
Hey Bob, he said don't get annoyed
We all find different ways
To fill up the void
And I said yeah

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