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talk is cheap. anybody can say annihtyg and be anybody over the net. has he sent you pictures? have you talked on the phone? has he came to see you? are you sure that you even know that this guy isnt an inmate in a correctional facility? what do you really know about this guy?those are the questions to ask yourself

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I\′ve never told anyone about my vcioes€ they\′re terrifying most of the time. I\′m only 16 (17 in a bit), but I remember hearing ghosts back when I was 9 or 10.Usually, it\′s one very dominant male and a submissive female. The female likes to say good things, but the male quickly shuts her up. She doesn\′t get to talk much, but he talks a lot. Very negative and scary things. Whenever I try to ignore it, he shouts. And usually I see a quick flash when he does. Just a quick flash, like someone took a picture, or a flash of lightning. He usually tells me to hurt people, or give up, or hurt myself€ I have OCD, so I get scary thoughts a lot, but the man\′s voice adds a whole new level of scary. The only traumatic things I can remember is watching my dad nearly drown my mom, and the way he would mistreat me when I was younger (he dislocated my spine once). And my best friend died last year. It was a heavy loss.Then there are other vcioes, usually girls that ask me questions, sometimes they ask about my plans for the day, or ask about my past. I usually don\′t answer until I can\′t bear it. And when people hear me talk to myself they either think I\′m faking or crazy I\′ve been on the verge of suicide twice, and I\′ve cut myself several times, I can\′t sleep at night because I can\′t close my eyes without seeing things€ well, I should stop being all sobby, it feels kinda good to tell at least someone about it. And to know I\′m not alone.

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You\′ve really imersespd me with that answer!

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Yeah right its a beta browser in all but name.Considering ggoole normally keep all their products in beta for years because \"They set new standards\" this is ggoole kicking itself in the balls. Keep your browser till it works then make it non beta.Go back to using Opera and take the rest of the good features you forgot to plagiarize in the first place and then work on stability and security until you are on par with Opera. Only then would I even consider your browser.

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possibly the vitreous humor of the eye,the jelly part had been dagemad slightly,my right eye I can now barely see out of,and he did say the eyesight was worse in this eye,so I now need glasses,I had 20/20 vision last year before the injections,so it\′s proof right there,he put drops in my left eye,but my right eye the bad one starting stinging and going blurry,he said my left eye was compensating for my right.I did not tell him about the fillers as I am just so fed up of explaining the whole story,then you are just treated like a vain idiot for doing this to yourself and I\′ve had enough.Every minute of every day I think I\′m dying,I ask why can\′t this crap just kill me and get it over with,every day is another memory flashed in front of my face of how I once was,I\′m no longer that person,funny,always laughing,always positive,I\′m just a shell,and I do not mean this in any derogatory manner but i am retarded in the sense that I am not a fully functional person any longer,I\′m stunted by this perpetual state that my brain is stuck in.This is not me,my brain is working on say 30% capacity,I can\′t count,remember what I ate yesterday,know where I\′m going half the time,remember what day it is or what I did last weekend.I can\′t escape this it\′s my he\′ll until my brain does literally suffocate,I try and be positive but I see no way back to who I was,not without a brain transplant,I do feel this chemical has totally burnt my brain cells only an autopsy will show the damage,well I hope it does otherwise I will be labelled as mental even when I do croke,Great,this stuff will be deemed invisible but yet it can ruin your life.I think to myself this must be karma,I must have been an evil person in a past life for someone or something to want me to suffer like this forever,but I think don\′t be stupid,it\′s just my fault,and I have to live with that,and I think that\′s worse,knowing you had an option not to do this and I didnt take it so now I must face the consequences of my actions.All I want is my life back,just to enjoy getting up,to have a clear head,to feel alive.I have to trust in God and his capacity for healing and to trust his judgement,and to not mess with mother nature again.You are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday,please forgive the rant,I\′ve been a bit emotional just thinking of Christmas last year how sick i was and thinking I won\′t be here this year,I am,but still locked in this hell so no difference really,15 months of my life and no end in sight.I am breathing only for my kids now,no other reason,I feel I\′m not worthy of the body I have anymore,I don\′t deserve it,there are so many sick people and they would give anything just to be able to walk or see,and I go and ruin my life for what,plumper skin,I think God has a right to turn his back on me,all I can do is pray for a quick exit,not a long drawn out one,that\′s my only hope,as there is nothing else coming my way at the present,and God will hopefully show some mercy and not damm my soul for all eternity too for being so ridiculous in the choice I made.Take care all of you,please keep posting,it means so much,I would definitely have thrown in the towel long ago without this site and the opportunity to rant my deepest,darkest fears.All my best wishes to you all through your journey in this toxic existence shadowing your life,keep the faith you will beat it,kx. tbgaflfr.com [url=http://fqpbcqhycwz.com]fqpbcqhycwz[/url] [link=http://hxsojoqnrrd.com]hxsojoqnrrd[/link]

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have I changed from09.04.2014 | 17:39

have I changed from the peorsn that I was,not my morals or beliefs,but my peorsnality,he said no,but I think he was just being kind.I know I\′m not the same,I think you can\′t suffer that much and it not damage the core of who you are.I can\′t even remember me it\′s been so long,every minute of my life is just wasted because this stuff is trying to take away my peorsnality,I never smile or laugh,yet I was always making jokes always full of fun and positive,now I\′m so exhausted its too much effort to laugh,I can\′t remember what my laugh was like.Some friends from my sons school have arranged a night out,they\′ve asked me to come but I really don\′t want to,I don\′t want to talk or eat,or drink or dance,I just want to sit in a dark room and cry forever.It\′s getting to the point now where I\′m fed up of being me,I think I\′ve just had enough,I don\′t want to fight anymore,I want to give up,I want release,to feel free,what is the point in suffering horrendously day after day,just to feel better for one day,then 10 days of hell,then maybe one better day again,then back to more days of hell,there\′s no let up,ever.I want to see my kids grow up,but think they deserve better,I feel so helpless and useless.It seems everywhere I go now there is stuff about dementia,homes,adverts to visit your doctor if you are worried about memory loss etc,I think if I get that badif I can think that I don\′t want to end up like that then I\′d rather jump off a bridge,than have my family see me like that.I think of all of you going through this all day how you are all strong and suffering needlessly.I think that as my mum tells me there is always retribution and karma and whatever bad you do it will come back tenfold,so hopefully the quacks that dish out these toxins will suffer in hell for what they have done,they will know how much suffering has been endured just to give them nice holidays every few months.They reep the benefits whilst we are left sick for God knows how long.I felt like I wanted to run into the clinic where I had the injections today,as I go shopping near there once a week as its just up the road from me and quite a nice area,and just throw something,anything at the doctor who ruined my life or scream at his staff or beg the people in there to leave,but would they care or listen,probably not they\′d just palm me off as a nut,call the police and throw me out of the building.How can someone literally kill you and get away with it legally.I just want to be me again,to feel happiness,optimism,joy,enjoy the sun on my face,not praying for death.I do hope that this does all come out in the open,one day and this blog is evidence of what we have all endured. How can this continue,why is it allowed to continue,how many more people will suffer until something changes to raise awareness of how truly destructive these poisons can be.I hope no one has to suffer,ever from this,we should be enjoying the best years of our lives,with our families not trying to survive from being toxically poisoned.We are all good people and deserve better days,it shows how good you all are just by posting on here to try and help and warn others that is courageous and giving in itself.Bless all of you,I\′m routing for you all to heal fast and soon,kx. ygcgvmvrg.com [url=http://zdoalecusx.com]zdoalecusx[/url] [link=http://ftacoezv.com]ftacoezv[/link]

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Hi Brandy. I can\'t10.04.2014 | 01:10

Hi Brandy. I can\′t stress enuogh how important pacing and being realistic regarding expectations is right now. I KNOW how hard it is to just want to be normal and how you just want to go back to your old normal being productive, working full days and into nights .it feels so GOOD to be able to do that. You just want to say YAY i am better and i have my life back. Yippee! It does souch good for your mental state to be able to feel like you are a moral finctioning human being again. But as you are experiencing, this illness keeps fighting back. We get things calmed down in our system .and then BAM there they are again. And then Wham you are hit with the fear and frustration and anxiety that you may never be normal again. But I think we wi. The important thing to learn is self pace. Even though you might be feeling good .know that you are still recovering. Going back to work full time is huge .it will take time for your body to adjust to working again and you might have to cut back on other things in order to get through it. Rest when you get home ..try to ease back into work. For me .I had to accept that I could not be a superwoman workaholic take-charge of everything kind of person anymore. It was hard, but necessary for my continuing recovery. I was having exactly what you described when I would have a couple of hard days at work and I pushed too hard. The nerve pulsations and pressure all over my body kept me up all might. My eyeballs would shake and the flashes of light drive me crazy. The only way I would fall asleep with all those distribances going on was with sleeping pills. :(. I hate taking meds so much but I realize I have to so whatever it takes right now to just get through this. I hope that eventually I can wean off them all. Anyway please take it easy. Know that these ups and downs are going to happen and let\′s pray that eventual they fade away and stay away.

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Hi Sam. Azzalure (10.04.2014 | 12:20

Hi Sam. Azzalure (Dysport) is actually meacfauturnd by a French company called Ispen .the same company that manufactures the product that is distributed in the US by Medicis. It is marketed within Europe by Galderma. It is good to know that they are continuing to monitor you that is more than what most of us have experienced here in the U.S. Even though from a class action standpoint there isn\′t much that can be done when we are located around the world, I do think by at least voicing what has happened to us through other means we can help to raise awareness to help other people (and perhaps for our own sanity). I can send you more information.I received even more Dysport than you .at least 150+ units .all in my face (in which there is even less muscle for the toxin to be absorbed in). Although it would stand to reason that the greater amount injected the higher liklihood of the toxin spreading. However that isn\′t necessarily always the case. I know people that had much much less than you and I did .and still had issues as severe as us. And although Galderma is telling you that you are the only one with the severity of the issues that you are having I wouldn\′t necessarily believe that. From a company standpoint it is all about managing their liability and that is one way that they manage it. otrykkvn.com [url=http://dzcgif.com]dzcgif[/url] [link=http://nrwiqzdbpg.com]nrwiqzdbpg[/link]

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Oh Katie,I wish I co10.04.2014 | 12:43

Oh Katie,I wish I could do something to help you, I\′m sorry that you have gone bkcwaards in your healing especially when you saw a glimmer of hope a couple of weeks ago. Do not give up, think about your kids, they need you. Xmas is an emotional time I agree, I look back to last xmas when I was healthy and well, going out partying like mad, taking the kids to centre parcs, we had a lovely xmas. I went to see a spiritualist a few months ago when I was really ill she told me that I am going to have a happy and lovely xmas this year so I keep clinging to that hope, infact I am going back to see her this Friday night, I will let you know the outcome. Please try and keep your spirits up, we are all here for you, do not beat yourself up about the choices that you made, millions of women (and men) make the same choice over and over and are fine. You know that, you must see it in every street you walk down in Essex. Dig deep and find the strength to try and look forward to xmas with your children. I am thinking of you.Sam x stgjgndzw.com [url=http://yflbnvfxv.com]yflbnvfxv[/url] [link=http://ewyyasij.com]ewyyasij[/link]

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